The Adian Novel Makeover

As an author myself, I know how frustrating it can be to publish a novel and then watch it languish for months, even years, while you watch sales trickle in and wait at the edge of your seat for someone, anyone, to post a positive review. I self-published my first book at twenty-two, spending my hard-earned money on 1,000 print copies — about 500 of which are still in my basement. It took me fourteen years of intense study in both undergraduate and graduate school before I tried publishing again… And, thankfully, this time got it right. Four years later, I now have six novels published, over 300K downloads, and more than 1,000 Amazon reviews at an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars. 

I’ve learned a lot of hard lessons along the way, and over the past four years have worked with some of the biggest names in independent publishing to help them take their own writing to the next level. If you’re an author who feels that your work isn’t getting the attention or the sales it deserves, I’d love to work with you. Contact me for a free 30-minute Skype consult, and take the first step toward the writing career you’ve always dreamed of. 

The Adian Novel Makeover is designed for traditionally published and independent authors whose book has been out for at least ninety days, who believe their sales figures don’t reflect the true potential of their work. The Makeover is a four-step process you and I will undertake together to help you achieve your publishing and sales goals. The process can be as simple as changing your categories and keywords, or as comprehensive as a full edit and new book cover. In either case, we’ll undertake the journey together and I’ll walk you through the process from initial assessment through the official relaunch of your novel. 

(1) Assessment. It all begins with a 30-minute Skype interview, during which we’ll talk about where you are in your writing career right now, what frustrations and concerns you may have about your novel, and your goals for the future. After that interview, I’ll read and critique your book, and do an analysis of the complete book package (book cover, formatting, sales page, website, and online presence), as well as your marketing efforts to date.

(2) Strategy. After I’ve assessed the novel and determined what areas need attention, I’ll provide you with a complete written report of my findings, including (a) a critique of your novel, including suggestions for how you may improve going forward (e.g., professional proofread, deeper edits, etc.), (b) a critique of your complete book package, and (c) an analysis of the market in which you are competing. You’ll receive a full printout of targeted categories and keywords to help you attract the attention of readers, and a list of book reviewers and/or book bloggers well-suited to your genre. From there, we’ll have our second Skype conference and we’ll work together to formulate a step-by-step strategy for tackling the issues I’ve raised.

(3) Implement. For the next 4 weeks, you’ll have specific tasks to complete to help you achieve the goals you set in our initial interview and strategy sessions. These include contacting book reviewers and book bloggers, doing promotional interviews, and spreading the word to your mailing list and social media circle about your novel relaunch. Meanwhile, if you have purchased the re-edit and re-design packages, your book will be in the process of being edited and the cover redesigned.

(4) Relaunch. After the makeover is complete and your novel is shiny and reinvigorated, you’re ready for relaunch. I’ll work with you to ensure your timing is right for connecting with readers and reviewers, and you’re getting the maximum exposure possible for your relaunch. One week following the official relaunch date, we’ll have a final Skype consult to talk about how things went, how to keep momentum going, and any concerns you have about moving forward. We’ll problem solve potential pitfalls down the road, and set a date to check in once more via Skype in 90 days. But don’t worry… If you have problems in the meantime or questions arise, you can always contact me with questions.


Makeover Level I:

Includes evaluation, analysis of the market, targeted categories and keywords, and a list of book reviewers and book bloggers, as well as guided assistance from initial Assessment all the way to Relaunch. 

Price: $1,500

Makeover Level II:

Full professional edit and cover redesign (cover redesign done by my personal cover designer, in addition to evaluation, analysis of the market, targeted categories and keywords, and a list of book reviewers and book bloggers, as well as guided assistance from initial Assessment all the way to Relaunch. 

Price: $5,000

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