Editing Services

I am no longer taking new clients, but feel free to peruse the website for information on writing, independent publishing, and marketing your work. Best of luck! 

At Adian, I work collaboratively with every client to ensure that your work is not only technically correct, but that it meets your high aesthetic standard and retains your individual voice. What does that mean to the process? For one thing, it means that there’s no need  to pay me twice for a job – depending on the editing package you choose, I can work with you from initial content edit all the way to the final proofread, ensuring that your work is the best it can be before sending it out to agents, publishers, or the world at large.

With the exception of proofreading, every job begins with the creation of a unique style sheet based on your preferences, voice, and genre. For those receiving a content edit, the style sheet contains the names and pertinent info of every character in your manuscript, creating an easily referenced resource indispensable for authors of lengthy works and series.

My full editing package includes a content edit, copy edit, and final proofread. Once the content edit is complete, I’ll send the novel back to you for revisions. After you’ve completed your changes, I will go back through and do a copy edit (or line edit) to ensure that any additional issues are addressed before I move on to the final proofread. When both content and copy edit are complete and you and I are both satisfied that the novel is as good as it can be,  I will then take your manuscript and the style sheet I’ve created, and take the helm at this last stage of the editing process to ensure that your novel is proofread on a par with any of the larger traditional publishing houses.

The length of time this process takes depends on how extensive the editing and revision will be, how long it takes you to make necessary revisions, the length of the manuscript, and the genre in which you’re working. With that said, it’s typically between two to four weeks to complete an initial edit before sending it your way for revisions. A 100K-word political thriller will naturally be on the longer end of that spectrum, while a 70K-word romance will be on the shorter end. We can discuss your timeline, however, and make adjustments in the process as needed so that I’m doing everything possible to meet your publishing deadlines.


Beta Reading 

I offer beta reading for authors concerned with pacing, plot and character development, and scene structure. The novel is reviewed for readability, with a focus on excess exposition, showing versus telling, plot holes, and awkward scene transitions. The manuscript is not edited, however the client will receive a detailed written analysis of the book’s strengths and weaknesses, along with suggestions for addressing problem areas.

Cost: $5 per 1,000 words ($400 for an 80K-word novel)


Proofreading is done at the very final stage of your manuscript, when you are not anticipating any additional revisions. During the proofread, I won’t be looking at content, pacing, word choice, plot flow, or any larger issues, but instead will be focused on niggling details like hyphenation, quotations, proper placement of ellipses and em-dashes, grammar, spelling, spelling consistency, tense usage, etc.

Cost: $10 per 1,000 words ($800 for an 80k-word novel)

Line Editing and/or Copy Editing

A comprehensive edit addressing punctuation, grammar, spelling, word choice, and syntax. Clients receive a style sheet upon completion of the job, based on their preferences, voice, and genre. This is a good choice for authors who have already gone through the beta-reading stage with their manuscript, are confident with their plot, characters, and pacing, and now are looking for a professional eye to hone the style, clarity, and flow of the writing itself, on a line-by-line basis. Includes one revision and a final proofread.

Cost: $16 per 1,000 words ($1280 for an 80k-word novel)

Content Editing

A comprehensive, scene-by-scene edit focused on pacing, plot and character development, exposition, showing versus telling, dialogue, and structure. Plot holes, timeline inconsistencies, logistical issues, and fact checking are all included with a thorough content edit. Writing style, grammar, punctuation, and word choice are not addressed in the content edit. Clients receive a detailed style sheet with pertinent information related to their characters, plot, timeline, and setting upon completion of the job. Includes one revision.*

Cost: $20 per 1,000 words ($1,600 for an 80k-word novel)

*PLEASE NOTE: Complementary proofread not included with content edits.

Full Editing Package

Includes content, copy, and line edit, two revisions, and the final proofread. Clients receive a comprehensive style sheet detailing the author’s stylistic preferences, voice, and genre, as well as the names and pertinent info of every character and location mentioned in the manuscript. Over the course of the content editing process, I will address issues like pacing, point of view, awkward phrasing, plot holes, and character inconsistencies, and shine a light on any logistical issues you may have missed during your writing process (i.e., geography, history, police procedure, the physical aspect of fight scenes, etc.). At the same time, I will complete a thorough line edit looking at word choice, dialogue, punctuation, grammar, spelling, etc. My personal writing and editing library is extensive, and I may recommend certain books, articles, or blog posts to you during your revision process, to better explain areas where you may be struggling.

Cost: $30 per 1,000 words ($2,400 for an 80k-word novel)

Deluxe Editing Package

With the deluxe package, you will work with me from the initial beta read all the way through to the final proofread and on through the marketing/book packaging process. This includes beta read followed by your full rewrite based on beta feedback, then moves on to content, copy, and line edit, two revisions, and the final proofread. Clients receive a comprehensive style sheet detailing the author’s stylistic preferences, voice, and genre, as well as the names and pertinent info of every character and location mentioned in the manuscript. As with the full editing package, I will address issues like pacing, point of view, awkward phrasing, plot holes, and character inconsistencies, dialogue, punctuation, grammar, spelling, etc, providing instructional articles, blog posts, and books where I believe they might be helpful.

While I am working on the editing stage, I will provide a list of books, articles, and a step-by-step instructional sheet to help you select a cover designer, determine the best cover design for your novel, decide on categories and keywords, and help you hone your synopsis and sales blurb  until it’s as sharp as possible before publishing.

For authors seeking agent representation and/or a traditional publisher, I will work with you on your query letter, synopsis, and novel outline, to ensure that you are in the best position possible to achieve your publishing goals when the novel is complete.

Cost: $40 per 1,000 words ($3,200 for an 80k-word novel)

Other Services

Partial Edits

For writers unable to afford my full editing services, I offer partial editing of the first twenty, thirty, or fifty pages of your manuscript. These partial edits include a full edit and evaluation of your novel synopsis, and two thorough passes of your work — the first to address larger issues like point of view, pacing, voice, and style, and the second to address more detailed proofreading issues after you have revised based on our initial edit. Payment in full is due at the start of partial edits.

$30 per 1,000 words (approximately $150 for the first twenty pages, or $375 for the first fifty pages).

Sample edits of your first chapter (up to 2500 words, or approximately ten pages) are available for $25. These sample edits, designed to give you an idea of what you can expect from a full Adian edit, include copy and content editing, style sheet, and a written overview of the strengths and potential challenges I see in the manuscript in that first chapter. Sample edits do not include revisions, and may be done while your novel is still in progress or when it is complete. E-mail to request a sample edit of your work.

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