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10 Tips for Teen Writers

10 Writing & Editing Stages of the Successful Novel

20 Questions Designed to Build Great Characters

5 Keys to a Thriller Readers Can’t Put Down

5 Tips for Creating Characters Readers Can’t Wait to Come Back To
Guest Post, The Creative Penn

5 Ways to Build Suspense Like a Master

Guest Post, Fiction University

5 Ways to Make Lifelong Fans in Your Own Hometown
Guest Post, Tonya Kappes

5 Ways to Tell If the Scene You Loathe Is Destined for the Trash Can

All Your Editing Questions Answered
Interview on The Creative Penn

Editing and the Writing Craft
Interview on the Creative Penn

Editing for Fun and/or Profit
Maine Crime Writers

Editor or Beta Reader: Which Do You Need?

Exposition and the Plot-Driven Novel

He Said, She Said: The Key to Writing Great Dialogue

How Much Does it Cost to Self-Publish
(And is it Worth the Money?)
Maine Crime Writers

How to Boost Your Author Karma (And Your Sales!)
Guest Post, Indie Author News

How to Write Animals in the Modern Mystery
Maine Crime Writers

Is It Worth It to Create a Buzz in Print?
Guest Post, Crime Fiction Collective

James Lee Burke and 5 Ways to Write Evocative Settings

Lincoln Rhyme and the Art of Smart Dialogue

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby:
3 Tips to Make Your Steamiest Scenes Steamier

Guest Post, Jennifer Starks

Setting Yourself Up for Self-Publishing Success
Maine Crime Writers


20 Questions Designed to Build Great Characters

Plot is important. You’ve gotta have a great setting. Evocative imagery, strong dialogue, prose that stands the test of time… All of these things are important in the quest to…

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The 10 Writing and Editing Stages of the Successful Novel

When you’re in the midst of writing a novel, it can frequently seem like you’re never going to make your way out of the weeds. How long do you spend…

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5 Keys to a Thriller Readers Can’t Put Down

In Gregg Hurwitz’s critically acclaimed suspense thriller TRUST NO ONE, the action starts in the very first scene, and doesn’t let up until the end of the book, without sacrificing character…

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He Said, She Said: The Key to Writing Great Dialogue Tags

I’ve been doing some experiments lately with dialogue tags, because I think as writers who have grown up in a visual age, we tend to ascribe more action to a…

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Ten Tips for Teen Writers

This was first published on my personal blog in May of 2011, but I think still holds just as true today, as more and more young writers realize just how…

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